"Never Get So Busy Making a Living that You Forget to Make a Life" ― Dolly Parton

It certainly isn’t easy to let go – be it a loved one or a day-to-day task that becomes a part of our lives. At the same time, being overloaded with work isn’t right or healthy either. With stress being declared as the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’ by the World Health Organization, it’s time to give your life a wake-up call. While outsourcing – the art of delegating non-core tasks to an assistant, has been an erstwhile corporate practice, the concept is fast catching up in the personal space too. Everyone in business is acquainted with the benefits of outsourcing and most Fortune 500 companies leverage the concept to save time, cost, and boost productivity. Applied to our lives, personal outsourcing means getting our low-value day-to-day tasks done by someone else at a presumably lower cost. What do you buy back? Time - the scarcest of all resources today.

Why embrace personal outsourcing?

Personal outsourcing allows you to be present at multiple places at the same time. Well not literally, but quite so. While you catch a movie with your friends or family, a virtual personal assistant could be filing your taxes, paying your bills, hunting for that perfect gift for your partner, or maybe even writing a romantic poem on your behalf! The intent behind personal outsourcing is to offload your low-impact yet time consuming personal tasks. In the bargain you get the time and liberty to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do – if only you had a little more time at hand.

Getting your work-life balancing act right

Striking work-life balance has never been straightforward – it is a thin line between professional success and personal satisfaction. Giving your 100% to everything remains an elusive goal for most people. Thanks to technology, we are better placed today to get our act right. From personal outsourcing services to hiring a virtual assistant to take over your non-revenue generating tasks at office – you get it all at one tap and at competitive rates.  What’s more – these outsourced assistants are often armed with expertise and time to make a thorough research, be it getting good rates for hotel/travel bookings, to securing a lucrative personal insurance deal.

Mastering the art of delegation

With more than 56% of global workers reporting that they feel they can never get away from their work, it’s high time we realize that the key to a happier life lies in flexibility, delegation, and prioritizing.  However, delegating or outsourcing personal tasks is something that doesn’t come naturally or easily to most of us. As you climb the ranks in your professional and personal lives, mastering the art of delegation becomes all that more important. When it comes to personal outsourcing, ask yourself these three critical questions to ensure you outsource your life the right way:

  • Who owns the tasks that you delegate? Remember, the owner is responsible for the outcome.
  • Who you should outsource to? Don’t forget to check and compare rates, reviews, expertise, service quality, etc.
  • Do you have a backup? Even the most professional of services can go wrong. In life, it never hurts to have a plan-B in place.

Wondering how or what you can outsource to a virtual assistant? Know more.

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