Craving for a break Whisk yourself away on any of these weekend getaways from New York

Does it often feel as if life is passing by the window as we toggle between household chores, office deadlines and the usual daily grind? And, especially if you live in a city like New York, stress can be overwhelming, making you feel constantly under the gun. Taking a quick break can do magic and help recharge your batteries.

While vacations are great, they are also expensive and may require advance planning. Weekend getaways on the other hand, are the perfect solution that can rescue you, help unplug and rejuvenate. And that is the reason why over 33 million American traveled locally by automobile over the long weekend on Memorial Day in 2016.

Whether you fancy a romantic, hotel and spa, adventure or a food getaway, just pack your bags and take that weekend trip anyway. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of five varied weekend getaways from New York, all easily accessible by road or public transport.

Shinn Estate Vineyards 

If you love wine then Shinn Estate Farmhouse is the place to visit. Two hours from New York City, the farmhouse is set in a historic homestead from the 1880s. You could spend the day exploring the vineyards or biking down the scenic Oregon road. The place also offers variety of outdoor activities including fishing, kayaking, and horseback riding. The farmhouse has spacious guest rooms with modern bathrooms and other amenities. The place is calm and secluded surrounded by farmlands of Mattituck, NY and offers a perfect getaway from the city’s mad rush.

Woodstock and Catskills

The moment you say ‘Woodstock’ the image that springs to mind is that of a three-day legendary outdoor music festival. Although that concert did not actually take place here in the town of Woodstock in Catskills, this quaint little place offers a host of attractions. The streets are lined with several art museums, gift shops, and some of the greatest restaurants, while overall bohemian feel reminds you of a late 60s flower power era, making it one of the coolest destinations. Add to this, the drive to Catskills through the riverside byway offers a breath-taking experience. It is a perfect destination for people looking for a romantic, arts and culture, and outdoor getaway.

Dutchess County

Drive for less than two hours north of New York City and you will be in Dutchess County. Visit the largest city of the county – Poughkeepsie, home to the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge that offers most stunning and scenic view of the Hudson Valley. You could also make a trip to the town of Hyde Park – take a tour of the historical and famous Roosevelt estate and mansions and experience the grandeur. With a range of family-friendly activities on offer, this historical destination is an ideal place for a family getaway.


Dotted with chic stores, art-deco inns, historic houses, and rustic restaurants, Hudson is a classic weekend getaway for one and all. The place is big on food, antiques, and art and performance. Contemporary amenities and the gorgeous Hudson river flowing through the town, lends the place a cozy and a convenient vibe.  Only a two-hour drive from NYC makes it a great destination for day trippers, but once you are there you may want to take things easy.

Finger Lakes

If you are looking for calm country environment, fantastic wine, and stunning landscapes, then head to the Finger Lakes region in Upstate New York. Good food, wine tasting tour, flourishing brewery scene, and a host of outdoor adventure activities – the place offers everything that you need to have a good time.


We all crave for a time off to reboot ourselves. Weekend getaways offer that much needed break. It not only helps boost your brain power but also allows you to spend some quality time and bond better with your family and loved ones.

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