Do Men have NO Choice (or Voice) in Work-Life Balance Today

Emma and Joe Barnes are a dual-career couple, living and working full time in California. When they had their daughter Zia, Emma got a twelve-week paid maternity leave, and flexi-hours option when she joined back work after her leave expired. She now works from home most days while Joe, her husband, never got a paternity leave, travels to work (2 hours commute time daily), has no flexibility around his schedule, and chips in to help his wife in household chores as much as possible. To say Joe is completely drained out and sleep deprived by the time weekend arrives would be an understatement.

Emma and Joe’s life is far from unique. However, while the media loves to label work-life balance and workplace stress as ‘women’s issues’, real men are struggling with work-life balance more than women do. What’s worse – they don’t talk about it with women, other males (colleagues or friends) or their bosses. Rigid gender roles and the way society perceives a man’s role as the primary breadwinner of a family, make it almost impossible for men to discuss their disadvantage when it comes to work-life integration. National Study of the Changing Workforce revealed that while the number of women reporting work-life conflict rose from 41% to 47%, the number of men facing this dilemma increased significantly from 35% to 60%. The rush, stress, and tensions of men struggling to make it all work is affecting not just them but family lives and children’s’ mental and physical health across the globe.

But we have to agree, loving families are created when fathers cook as many meals, do as many school pick-ups and drops, and care for the family (elders included) as much as mothers do. But not all fathers are privileged enough to work in companies that offer them flexi-hours (most companies do for women) and even taking paternity leave (very few companies offer it anyway) is viewed as a sign of being negligent towards one’s career. Studies reveal that 37% of fathers admit to seriously considering quitting their organization over lack of flexibility and the resulting frustration.  As workplace and family dynamics change across the world, its time organizations wake up to scaling their flexible working policy to male workers as well.

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