Fancy Valentine Gifts Out of Your Reach Burn the Home-Fire Instead!

Disappointed about not going all out and painting the town red this Valentine’s Day? Whatever be the reason – work pressure, a demanding newborn/kids, too late to make travel/hotel/restaurant reservations, or simply low on the budget – we can tell you that it’s nothing to feel bad about. In fact, it’s a stellar opportunity to stay in and burn the home-fire instead.

Here are top 5 picks for things to do to enjoy Valentine’s Day at home with your special one.

#1 Hit the floor: No, we are not launching into the benefits of yoga or meditation here. Instead, we suggest you ditch your regular bed and set up an air mattress on the floor, roast marshmallows/potatoes/steaks in the fireplace, and enjoy a cozy picnic dinner together. For extra effect, dim the lights and do everything in candle light – even the most mundane tasks like diaper changing can get a romantic twist when you see twinkling candles by your side ;-). If you both have a shared interest in movies or TV shows, invest in a Netflix card and catch up on your drama-fix. Inexpensive, yet thoroughly enjoyable. By the way, research says that not being able to afford fancy Valentine’s Day celebrations may not be such a bad idea after all – apparently, the richest couples are less likely to be happy than those with less money. In fact, couples who earn $20,000 or less argue less frequently than couples who earn $250,000 to $500,000.

#2 Go ballroom dancing, right in your living room: Move the living room furniture to make space, dress like you are going to a fancy part, put on your favourite ballroom music, and dance like its prom night with your valentine. You can even invite other couples who are staying in for Valentine’s Day to join the party – more the merrier.


#3 Cook dinner together: This applies to all days, not just Valentine’s Day. But hey – there’s something undeniably romantic about cooking your favourite dishes together and eating off each other’s fingers. If you agree, prepare in advance by shopping for groceries, looking up recipes, getting the right crockery/table linen in place, etc. so you can rustle up the perfect romantic dinner you’ve always dreamt of. If the preparation sounds like too much of a chore to you, outsource it to a virtual assistant who will make sure everything is in order and all you have to do is enjoy the meal together with your valentine.

#4 A picture is worth a thousand words, so put it to use! Revelling in your wedding day photos or ones from your dating days is a great way to relive fun past memories and rekindle that initial romance. If you’ve been married or staying together as a couple for a few years, you know how easy it is to get caught up in daily chores without having the time or energy to do anything special for your love, even though you want to. You could get creative and even make a scrapbook of your past photos in chronological order, so you and your love can go through your journey together as a couple on this special day – many digital photo sites allow you to do that easily.

#5 Roses are for evergreen charm: Buy your love a dozen roses and on each one, stick a note for a future date, suggesting something special they should do on that day. Or go a step further and make arrangements for those things as well – like if you write a massage/dinner-out for 1-March, go ahead and make reservations. It is sure to surprise your love and pay off well in weeks to come.

What’s not to like about Valentine’s Day at home – a quieter comfy atmosphere, no PDA worries, significantly cheaper cost, and oodles of scope to get creative – both under and out of the sheets!

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