That marriage is a two-way street and thrives on healthy communication between the husband and wife is established beyond doubt. But remember Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men as the man who couldn’t handle the truth? Turns out, there are many men like that and the inability to accept their wife’s influence is one of the critical aspects that fail most marriages. In a study conducted by renowned psychologist John Gottman, 81% of marriages where the husbands belittle their wife’s advice are sure to fail.

Listening to your wife is more important than you think and here are four solid reasons to start doing that right away:

#1  Women’s intuition is no myth: Science has proven that women have an inbuilt marriage manual in their heads – they are better at predicting a relationship’s health and fixing it as they can pick up nonverbal cues, ranging from facial expressions, tone of voice and body language more accurately and quickly. When you hit a roadblock in your marriage, it would do better to listen to your wife’s advice and act accordingly.

#2  Women are more detail-oriented: Your wife’s perspective to every situation is likely to include everything  – from other’s feelings to future impact, to risks involved.  Women are generally non risk-takers and weigh every situation from all possible angles. Listening to your wife’s advice when making a major personal or professional decision would ensure you leave nothing to chance and let nothing slip through the cracks.

#3 Women make better judges of quality work: This stems from women’s keen sense of detail-orientation. In fact, even in courtrooms, women make better judges as the job of the judge involves seeing other people’s perspectives, where female judges have a real, scientific advantage. Here’s an interesting bit – in the last few months, two of our regular readers wrote to us about how they signed up for a virtual assistant service based on their wife’s recommendation – the ladies evaluated several virtual assistance companies thoroughly, shortlisted and selected them based on their keen judgement abilities.

#4 Shows love and respect: Ask any wife what she really wants from her man and the answer would be no diamonds or vacations, but undivided time and attention. When men truly listening to their wives, it shows that they love, care, and respect their wives. Such appreciation strengthens the marriage, besides greatly improving women’s health too. According to a research from the University of Utah, lack of time and support from the husband can lead to inflammation of women’s hearts, increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

Be it The Bible or any modern day marriage advice book, the writing on the wall is clear – if men want a healthy, thriving marriage, listening to their wife is the #1 thing to do. If you are looking to gift something to your better half for the Women’s Month of the Year, here’s something economical yet thoughtful she will appreciate for sure!

8 thoughts on “Four Scientific Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Wife

  • Keith Delia

    Haha I’m sure the author of this article is a female 😛 Hey but on a serious note, sometimes it’s good to listen to your wife. Tuff thing though, cheers!

  • Fianna Joseph

    Wow I really loved this article and I have to share this with my husband. Especially the fourth point it is very well written off course women don’t need diamonds or gifts from their husbands all they want is true love and care from their husbands.

  • Mercy

    This is going to trigger some.serious controversies …good luck !

  • luke jeffrey

    Ideal ! Any traces of real life existence?

  • Michael Kong

    It’s no doubt that women are equal to men and they give the best advice no matter what it is regarding. Be it your mother, daughter, sister, wife or a friend, women is a beautiful creature by God and every man in this world must learn to respect them all.

  • Edwina Dawson

    Awwww that’s so nice, I’m so glad to read this. Finally happy that people are understanding that we women give the best advice. I am gonna save this link and ask my hubby to read this tonight, I know he will not take it seriously but I still hope he understands my words and try to work things out.

  • Courtny

    Wow, this article was really touching. I feel empowered as a women after reading this article. Listening to your wife shows your love towards her, gives you new wisdom and also gives a different perspective to handle things.

  • Bole

    Thank you For your response!


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