From Tapas to Time Management Sobremesa and Siestas

Spain is different, Spanish culture is vibrant – and what makes it unique is its warm and friendly customs, tapas culture, time management to siestas.

‘Sobremesa’ a time to relax after meal before getting back to work. An age-old concept in Spanish culture of taking a post-lunch snooze, by way of chatting or having a decaf, to re-energize for hectic hours that lay ahead. And the famous tapas bars are a reflection of the close-knit social culture and love for gastronomy. It is evident that work-life balance plays a critical role.

But, given the changing work culture, most of the entrepreneurs, business leaders or managers are finding it increasingly difficult to strike that balance effectively. To meet the rising work and business demands in a competitive marketplace most of them end up putting in longer hours. This inevitably takes a toll either physically or emotionally.

While much has been talked about time management, what really is important is to manage your energy. Because time really is a finite source and no matter how well you manage it, you still won’t get more time than 24 hours a day. But energy is a different story.

Manage energy and not time

Reading about many successful people, one thing that has emerged as a common factor for success is that energy management is far more critical than time management. It is not about implementing tasks as per schedule but rather getting it done when the energy levels are at the optimum. Well, it is simple, even in our day-to-day life we are most productive when we are in our peak energy zone than any other time of the day.

So instead of treating our life and business as sprint let’s consider it to be a marathon. And, if you wish to be in for a longer haul, you need pay close attention to managing your energy, where recovery is instrumental and plays a key role.

Find your rhythm and stick to it

All of us have a natural rhythm that is unique to us. Getting the work done is more important than following conventional schedules, so recognize and follow your body clock. And be kind to yourself and find ways to restore, recover and manage your energy. Seek assistance for mundane, regular and draining chores, this will help free up your time and energy. It will also allow you to focus on key or strategic tasks during peak energy hours, allowing you to get more done in a shorter time frame effectively and efficiently.

Savor life

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. You need to be creative and break out of the usual way of living and working, if you wish to be fully engaged with your family and friends and more importantly savor the life in its entirety. The feeling of reaching a breaking point will affect all aspects of life, therefore it is important to take care of your well-being by systematically and effectively managing your energy.

2 thoughts on “From Tapas to Time Management: Sobremesa and Siestas

  • Monica

    Ah I would love to have such a lifestyle!

  • Decky Harris

    ‘Sobremesa’ – I am hearing this word quite frequently. The tradition of Spain has become a trend now. I am for it. Out of my personal experience, it helps us to reduce the stress greatly.


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