“The true scarce commodity of the near future will be human attention.” – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Statistics indicates that the human attention span is around 8 seconds. And yet we try to do so many things in a day. How do we ensure that we give the right attention to all the things we want to do with a short attention span?

Who said life was easy? Finding the right balance between work, family, friends and self is a tight rope walk. And let’s face it – very often we fail miserably with at least one of these four critical pillars of our life. But that need not be the case. With some careful planning and delegation, we can forever rid ourselves of these worries and tensions.

So many questions that beg to be answered – How does one outsource your life? What can one outsource? How does one maximize the benefits of outsourcing? What are the things one can outsource? Will my information be safe? Will the work be done well and on time? And so on…..

To ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of personal outsourcing, here are 5 do’s and don’ts when you seek personal outsourcing –



#1 – Outsource routine and non-critical tasks that can easily be done by someone else.

#2 – Set clear goals and expectations when outsourcing personal life so that you are not disappointed when you get your work done.

#3 – Do your homework. Conduct a thorough evaluation of the virtual assistant and ensure they are capable of handling your job.

#4 – Encourage your friends and family to try personal outsourcing. That way you can improve the quality of life of everyone around you.

#5 – Do some matchmaking with yourself and the virtual assistant. Check if the virtual assistant understands your method of working, your requirements. Give a test assignment.



#1 – Don’t try to wear too many hats. You are setting yourself up for failure and heart ache. Taking the help of a virtual assistant does not make you less capable.

#2 – Don’t outsource everything just because you can. There are some activities which are your core competency and need to be done only by you.

#3 – Don’t expect miracles. If you throw garbage, chances are that you will get garbage back. Be clear in setting expectations.

#4 – Don’t micromanage. Give the virtual assistant some space; let them work in the time frame you have specified.

#5 – Don’t hesitate to give feedback. If the virtual assistant hasn’t done a satisfactory job, say so. Give them a chance to improve. It will help you in the long run.

Personal outsourcing, once considered a luxury is becoming a necessity. If you need to spend some money, but save yourself a little time and ensure that you do something that only you can do, its worth a lot. So go ahead, hire a virtual assistant and make the most of your life!

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