As the year begins, would you like to gift yourself something? Let me guess – a new dress, smartphone, car, or a luxurious vacation? Great!


But what about gifting yourself a new YOU? How? By attaining inner peace, calm, and tranquillity, we say. Who has the time for it and moreover, inner peace is kind of OVER RATED, we almost hear you say.

Okay, so would you trade inner peace for outer success? What about those moments when life gets so challenging that you just wish someone would say “everything will be all right, honey”? Know what, you don’t have to actually depend on someone to say those words to you – your brain can be trained to do that and that’s the purpose of attaining INNER PEACE. To be able to tap into your deepest reservoirs to derive the courage you need to navigate your everyday life confidently, happily, and successfully.

5 tips to balance your yin and yang energy, come what may

#1 Listen deeply: To music, sounds of birds, animals, people around you, or just to the sound of silence. Sound is a powerful healing medium and sound therapy – the technique of using sound waves of varying frequencies to release stress, anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation is a known method of attaining inner peace.

#2 Accept wholly: Yourself, your situation, and people around you – with all their flaws and merits. Acceptance is critical for attaining peace of mind. It is also sometimes the easiest thing to do when nothing else seems to be in your control. Acceptance is the first step to change – until you accept something is wrong, you are unlikely to change it.

#3 De-clutter the space: In your mind, home/office, car, and even in your mail inbox. Regularly clearing out unwanted stuff to make way for new things and ideas is like clearing the cobwebs in your mind to achieve peace and calm. If your personal and professional plate seems overflowing with tasks, leaving you with no time to de-clutter, hire a virtual assistant and delegate excess work. That way you get the work sorted while getting some time for yourself to restore sanity.

#4 Visualize happiness: Yes, you can invoke happy and calm feelings by simply closing your eyes and thinking of people, places, activities, memorable past events, happy weekends, etc. You can even summon the smells and sounds of those people/places/events to those visuals, which can leave you feeling refreshed and with a new perspective on your problems.

#5 All is well: Affirmations i.e. repeating positive phrases such as “I am strong/calm/happy and telling yourself wholeheartedly that “everything will be all right/I will beat this challenge” have been proven to relieve stress and induce feelings of peace in humans. However, affirmations can differs for different people across ages – find one that works for you and practice it to see how it can calm your frazzled nerves.

There are many other things you can do to attain inner peace such as observe gratitude, travel more often with family or even solo, exercise regularly, etc. – the list is endless. The key is to keep it simple, find the technique you can identify with, and perfect it over time.

And now we are sure you’ll choose a new YOU over anything else as a New Year gift!

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