Murphy Having a Field Day at Your Expense Here’s How to Keep Calm and Carry on!

Do you know what’s that one quality that most successful people – in personal as well as professional space, attribute their success to? It’s their ability to stay calm under pressure. A  research conducted by TalentSmart on 1 million people revealed that 90% of top performers have one thing in common – they are highly capable when it comes to managing stress.

While studies show that the human mind is wired such that performance peaks when there is moderate pressure to do so, it is very important to control stress as it has the potential to quickly induce a burnout. Here are three things to do when life doesn’t unfold exactly as planned and Murphy is having a field day at your expense!

3 Simple Stress Management Strategies

#1 Ditch the ‘rabbit hole’ and do a comprehensive threat assessment instead: When we panic, our mind cooks up a million ‘what-if’ scenarios – what if X happens, what if Y does not work out, etc. This is the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ and if you go down it, things can spiral out of control very fast and before you know it, you’d be in the clutches of the stress monster.  Instead, put on your analytical glasses, give a deep, thoughtful look at the problem, and ask yourself – ‘what kind of problem is this? Have I or someone I know experienced something like this before? If yes, how was it solved? Is this the worst that can happen? If not, what is? Such a comprehensive threat assessment lets you judge a problem for really what it is, without getting bogged down by your perception of it.

#2 Find humor when least expected: The world’s most successful people swear by this formula – when plans don’t work, laugh – at yourself, the situation you are in, or anything else you can think of. Apple’s iconic Steve Jobs used humor to his advantage when his clicker stopped working in the middle of Macworld 2007’s iPhone launch. He not only managed to save the day but turned a nightmarish experience into an example for ‘staying calm under pressure’, in turn, humanizing the brand Apple.

#3 Don’t be too hard on yourself: ‘Everyone makes mistakes and nobody’s perfect.’ Keep humming this mantra when in tough situations because of your carelessness. Likewise, take rejection as a step towards success. The likes of Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and many others rebounded after failing in their initial days. Beating yourself up for every failure is sure to only make matters worse – while nobody likes making mistakes, excessive self-blame afterwards isn’t going to accomplish anything. Instead, focus and make time for things that matter most to you that will help you realize what isn’t so important after all. If mundane everyday work and the lack of time is what is preventing you from achieving higher goals or being your creative best, why not try personal outsourcing – hire a virtual assistant to delegate all your non-core tasks such as grocery shopping, home cleaning, taxes/bills payment, laundry, pet care, etc.

Nothing is an Emergency, As Long As You Can Find a Solution

Crazy as it sounds, nothing, not even a situation where you can’t as much as move your hands and feet, is an emergency. Why? Because there’s always a way to steer the wheel in the other direction and get your mind looking for solutions. Optimism is your best weapon when it comes to staying calm under pressure. Instead of thinking about how deep in trouble you are, why not think about what you still got going for you and how can make the most of it? Let’s start today and see the difference!

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