Outsourcing Your Personal and Private 5 Tasks a Lifestyle Concierge Can Do

You must be Eminem or Rihanna to hire a lifestyle concierge or enrol for professional lifestyle management services. Right? Wrong! If you’re thinking the service must be insanely expensive and that you can easily do everything on your ‘to-do’ list yourself, you’re wrong on both accounts and more. Because not only will it take you more time than you assume to do every task on your list but it will also strip you off time to do the other larger things that may not feature on that list, but sure make an important part of your life!

What is Lifestyle Concierge?

A globally recognized and popular concept that has been in existence for well over a decade, lifestyle or personal concierge services are designed to assist today’s high-heeled but time-poor individuals to outsource parts of their personal lives. Those for which they lack the time, inclination or skills to do themselves.

What Tasks Can You Outsource to a Lifestyle Concierge?

If you are a busy bee – personally as well as professionally, trying to cram more tasks in a day than reasonably possible, you can start by outsourcing some of these to a team of virtual assistants (VAs) that render lifestyle management services:

#1 Luxury food and travel experiences:  While no one can put a price on happiness, elite lifestyle concierge services specialize in crafting luxury experiences where money is no barrier. Think luxury yacht or helicopter rides, hidden island escapades, stay at an ultra natural yet modern lodge, and more – all complete with a chef on demand at all times to cater to every gastronomical whim you may have! You can even outsource planning for your next house party – menu, décor, guest list, etc. so you can truly unwind, the stress-free way. When it comes to catering to clients accustomed to the high-rolling lifestyle, nobody does it better than personal concierge services – they know your preferences and tastes like no other!

#2 Flawless appearances: Picture this – It’s Saturday evening, you just realize that you forgot to pick up that suit from the drycleaners for a Monday morning church wedding and the shop is closed on Sundays. Or you got to attend your friend’s special party over the weekend and forgot to book a salon appointment through the week and now none is available! If you are a member of a lifestyle concierge service, you have no reason to fret – get on demand service ranging from dresses (cuts, patterns, colors of your choice), grooming, personal fashion stylist, massages and more – all at your doorstep and within your budget. Making your woman (or man) happier doesn’t get any better than this!

#3 Pet care for the pampered pooch: Your personal concierge can pick up your pet(s), drop them at the salon where they get groomed, pampered, and primped, and return them back – all this while you unwind away or in the comfort of your home sweet home. They can even feed, care, and walk your pets to the park and you can be rest assured that your ‘baby’ is in good hands.

#4 Premium reservations: Everyone can book tickets and reserve tables at their favorite restaurant online, right? But hey, can you book premium tickets that don’t show up online, get free valet car park, and a gourmet meal delivered right in your booth as you watch a match or that favorite flick with a special someone? Get a virtual assistant to do the job and you’d be surprised at the speed, accuracy, attention to detail, and not to mention – the discounts they can help secure!

#5 Personalized gift shopping: Come Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, or the sale season – this is the #1 request on every VA’s list because simple as it may look, getting the right gift for family and friends within your budget and ensuring you shop well ahead so it reaches them on time is a lot difficult actually. Personal concierge services can not only help you do all this but can also get you free shipping and returns, gift wrapping, early delivery at no extra cost, bonus points, and a lot more perks!

Check out these personal outsourcing / virtual assistant services that can help you make life worthwhile even as you get busy making a living.

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