The ‘Peggy Duncan’ Way to Dramatically Boost Personal Productivity Reviews

Peggy Duncan is a shortcut expert. Nope, the famous personal productivity expert doesn’t have a shortcut to success (yet) but her amazing productivity hacks promise to help you get more done in less time.  Let’s take a look at some of Peggy Duncan’s best works to see – what’s her remedy for living the life you want – making time for the people and experiences that matter most.

#1 Shortcut for pasting text from a PDF to Word and fixing the short paragraphs (VIDEO)

If you have ever gone through an entire document painstakingly deleting short lines of text/special characters that annoyingly crop up after you paste text from a PDF to Word document, this superb video from Peggy Duncan’s hugely popular Suite Tuesday series is a must-see for you!

#2 How to Use a Mac Pages Document on a PC – Open in Word, Print It, Convert to PDF (VIDEO)

This is a pet peeve for many of us – opening, converting, or printing a .pages extension document (coming from Mac) on a PC. Thankfully, this short video solves the problem once and for all. Peace finally. 

 #3 Put Time Management to Work and Live the Life You Want

This book by Peggy Duncan sheds light on how to achieve the elusive work life balance by establishing clear personal goals so you can stay on track to achieving them. The personal productivity expert shares actionable insights on how to streamline daily life processes and leverage technology to get more done in less time, smartly eliminating useless work. 

#4 Insert Text and Graphics Using this Shortcut in Word – AutoText (VIDEO)

Why use a fancy font to fake a typed signature in formal documents (letters, invoices, memos, etc.) when you can use save your actual signature electronically and use it in any document – be it a Word or PDF. See this shirt video to learn how to do it. 

#5 I’m Standing Up to Work. Here’s My Home Office Setup

If you need any more reasons (apart from the wildly published demerits of sitting down to work for extended periods of time), here’s the czarina of personal productivity, Peggy Duncan urging you to stand up! Will you please, now? 

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