With the emergence of mobile assistants and apps such as of Apple’s Siri on the iPhone, the concept of having a personal assistant is almost obsolete.  But this has left a huge gap, making it impossible to outsource personal tasks such as, say, buying flowers, ordering groceries, taking laundry, etc. to it. This has led to the growing popularity of virtual personal assistants. These are humans working in a remote location and you can practically outsource your life to them. Well, not literally. Here are top 10 personal outsourcing tasks that can buy-back your precious time for spending with family, pursuing a hobby, or working on a personal project.


#1 Event planning: Have a family occasion coming up and wish to celebrate in style? Hire a virtual personal assistant to do the research and find the right location, exchange emails and negotiate costs, plan for contingencies, send out invitations, and ensure the whole event goes as desired by you.


#2 Social tasks: Writing thank you notes to loved ones, sending season’s greeting cards or scheduling social appointments can take up a lot of a busy professional’s time. Outsourcing such personal tasks not only saves you time but is also a great stress-buster – with these items off your plate you are bound to sleep better, relax, and have a better work-life balance.


#3 Laundry: It is one of the most common low-end task that costs an average person about 2 hours per week. Considering your time is money, let your virtual assistant keep track of your laundry days, schedule pickups and manage payments.


#4 Grocery shopping: Making grocery lists, going to the grocer’s, shopping, getting home, and unpacking – all these mundane, standard tasks don’t require you to be doing them. Well, although we do most of this online now with an app, keeping track of these lists, maintaining the inventory, budgeting for the month, could take a whole lot of your time – again a virtual personal assistant could do this for you.


#5 Email management: Achieving a zero inbox is what most busy people aspire for – with the help of virtual personal assistants it can become a reality. Give your virtual assistant access to your personal inbox, ask him/her to read, sort, and prioritize emails that need your attention. You can even get the assistant to respond for you if it’s a non priority email. Direct your assistant to send you a digest every evening of the emails that are pending your review.


#6 Personal blog and social media profiles: Most entrepreneurs, start-up owners, authors, lifestyle experts, celebrities, and pretty much everyone wants a personal blog or website nowadays. Good personal outsourcing services often have in-house social media experts who can get your blog/website up, optimize the same with trending posts, make videos/podcasts to engage audience, and do everything else to gain traction.


#7 Pet care: As a busy professional, you are unlikely to have the time to remember and schedule your pet’s veterinary or grooming appointments. Outsourcing personal tasks such as this can take the load off your head and a virtual assistant may even help you find coupons and discounts at salons.


#8 Travel research: Personal outsourcing services can come in handy when planning a vacation. Leverage personal outsourcing services to assist you on finding the cheapest flight fares, hotel bookings, local travel arrangements, local sightseeing, must-visit restaurants, and making a detailed trip itinerary.


#9 Cooking and housekeeping: With double income families becoming the norm, urban population is striving to eat healthy and maintain a clean living space. A virtual assistant can find budget-friendly quotes from top agencies who does this services for you in your locality. Outsourcing everyday meal plan, researching healthy recipes, find allergen-free household products, the list of things a virtual assistant can find for you are endless.


#10 Self publicity and image management: For most successful people, much of what they do for a living is connected to their personal image as well. Personal outsourcing services can help you do the right marketing for yourself, ensure frequent media mentions, arrange events/meetings for you to get in touch with important people in your industry, and more.


Now that you have an idea of what to outsource, do the math to know your time’s worth and hunt for that perfect virtual assistant who can take everything mundane out of your life.


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