Why stress management is tougher for New Yorkers and Californians

Always have an overflowing list of tasks and projects to complete before you can finally head home? Routinely work through weekends to get that presentation up and running by Monday morning? Or tired of your constant state of sleep deprivation, stress, and feeling empty from within, from lack of a social and family life? Maybe the problem isn’t you but the city you live in. Yes, this is no blame game but actually the truth – living in certain parts of the world has been proven to be more stressful than others and the reasons for this vary from high cost of housing to higher commute time, costlier recreation and healthcare to fewer options for socializing and many more.

A list of America’s most stressful cities unsurprisingly has Los Angeles in California as #1 followed by New York at #2. If you live in any of these places, chances are you are either struggling from high unemployment rate, which by the way has gone up to 12.3%, high ozone levels, traffic frenzy, or a lifestyle that’s always on fast-forward mode causing most to forever play catch-up. Take heart, it’s not all bad and it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few practical stress management tips you could use to dramatically transform your life:

#1 Stress is inevitable, multi-tasking is not

Identify what is holding you back from being a more productive person and enjoying life at your own pace – professional chores, household tasks, taking care of kids’ school/hobby schedules, planning grocery and household needs? If you are not familiar with virtual assistance, you would be surprised to know that most of these are tasks that can be easily delegated to a virtual assistant at a fraction of the cost and time you spend on these!  If you do know about virtual assistants, what’s stopping you from hiring one and making time for the work that actually counts in your life? If it’s the cost, be rest assured, these services more than pay for themselves twice or thrice over.

#2 Traffic isn’t predictable, what you make of it is

Living in California or New York makes you accustomed to the daily grind of long commutes to and from work – it takes most people upwards of 40 minutes one way. But why get irritated or crib about it when you can use that time to listen to your favorite podcasts, or stress relieving playlist, catch up on the last episode of your favorite web series that you may have missed (if you are lucky to get a seat), or to even chat up with fellow passengers – who knows you may make a great friend just by opening up to random strangers! Sometimes, it’s easier to reveal your true feelings to strangers than it is to family and friends for fear of being judged. 

#3 Everyone desires good health, what matters is the effort you make to achieve it

When you are a California or New York resident, it may be harder to get fresh air, make time for exercise, sleep for eight hours, or to even enjoy family time with loved ones. But hey, when were good things easy to come by in life? You have to prioritize your personal and professional tasks, delegate the non-core ones and make stress management one of the your most critical agendas if you want to stay sane, happy, and healthy in today’s urban lifestyle.

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